My Gear

By far the most frequently asked question I get is "what kind of camera and lens do you use?" If you want my honest opinion, gear doesn't mean anything but I know a lot of you guys are interested in this so I thought it was fine to finally make this blog post.

Screen Shot 2018-06-24 at 9.58.48 PM.png

The Camera - Nikon D750

This camera is my baby. I have been using it since February of 2017 when I upgraded from my Nikon D3300. This camera is a beast and can handle any situation. I've shot countless weddings, events, concerts and commercial shoots with this camera and it has yet to let me down. The dynamic range I get from this camera is unreal and one of the reasons I have stuck with it. 

Link to camera:


Screen Shot 2018-06-24 at 10.50.05 PM.png

My Main Lens - Nikon 24-70 F2.8

This lens is on my camera 95% of the time. It's the perfect focal range and the most versatile lens in my opinion. It's perfect for something as simple as walk around shooting but can also be used for landscapes, portraits, events, and tons more. It's once of the sharpest lenses I've ever owned. If I only had to choose one lens, this would for sure be it. 

Link to lens:

Screen Shot 2018-06-24 at 10.54.55 PM.png

The Wide Angle - Tokina 16-28 f2.8


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